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Jos Krikke is a Dutch artist who, after a long and successful career in sports, has dedicated himself to abstract painting since 2012. Raised in an artistic family, he was familiar with art in all its forms from an early age. Since his exhibition in 2013 at the renowned Art Gallery ‘Atelier Sud’ in Greece, owned by his visionary sister Cai and her husband Doby, it has become evident that his work resonates internationally and has been admired and collected by many.
Inspired by nature, Jos Krikke has developed a unique and inspiring style that reflects his passion for color and texture. In his abstract paintings, he often uses trees as a basic shape. Intensity and range of color are characteristic of his work. He says:
“In my paintings, I try to capture the essence of nature and evoke a sense of energy and vitality. I am fascinated by the symbolism of trees, which represent the essence of life on earth and the growth that we all go through. I apply multiple layers of paint to create shadow, depth, and character while integrating trees as a basic form. I strive for a playful balance between form and color, light and shadow, and background and foreground. The result varies from supernatural and surrealistic to raw, overwhelming beauty of nature. Each piece is unique in both technique and materials used and has its own story and experience for the viewer”.
Jos Krikke primarily works with acrylic paint on linen, combined with other materials, including chalk. The paintings range in size from 80 to 160 cm in height and 80 to 200 cm in width.